A Birch Tree Wedding Cake for a wedding at The Log Haven!

Chocolate Strawberry Fondue Cake

Hello Sunshine Baby Shower Cake

Star Wars Anti-Gravity Cake

Easter Cupcake Family Fun! Quarantine Style!

Easy Easter Cupcakes

I will show you how to do 5 different styles of Easter cupcake with and without decorating tools. This is a great quarantine activity for kids! (And adults too.) 👍

Tutorial Below…

Easter Cupcake Tutorial

Here is the supply list for these cupcakes:

-12-24 cupcakes

-Cadbury mini eggs 


-white frosting

-chocolate frosting (I have recipes for both types of frosting on my blog if you need. You can half the frosting recipes if you’d like.)

-large marshmallows (for rabbit ears)


-jelly beans for rabbit’s nose (just not the massive huge ones)

-pink food coloring


-chocolate bar (to shred on top)

-Shredded coconut (some for toasting, some with green food coloring, & just plain white. 

*Optional but highly recommended: tip #233 for grass. Tip #2 for bird’s nest.

Butterfly Cake Tutorial!

How to do a Butterfly Cake. Here is the YouTube video of me making Chocolate Butterfly Buttercream Cake with Oreo filling. This was for a 9” round cake. I made my own stencil by drawing the butterfly with my free hand. I photocopied it onto card stock and then laminated the stencil.