Fun Easter Cupcakes! Quarantine Style…

This is an at home family fun activity! I know a lot of kids are going stir crazy during quarantine. Down below is the cupcake video tutorial.

I realize not everyone can get access to things they need during COVID 19. I had requests to do easy cupcakes. With that said, I will show you how to do 5 different types of Easter cupcakes with and without decorating tools.

Easy Easter Cupcakes

The following is a list of supplies needed:

12-24 cupcakes

Cadbury mini eggs 

white frosting

chocolate frosting (I have recipes for both types of frosting on my blog if you need. You can half the frosting recipes if you’d like.)

large marshmallows (for rabbit ears)


jelly beans for the rabbit’s nose (just not the massive huge ones)

pink & green food coloring


chocolate bar (to shred on top)

Shredded coconut (some for toasting in the oven, some with green food coloring, and just plain white. 

*Optional but highly recommended: tip #233 for grass. Tip #2 for bird’s nest. 

Share with your friends! Happy Easter!

Heather Callister 🙂

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  • Tiffany

    So cute! What great ideas for Easter cupcakes. And simple enough that my kids can get in on the fun! I live that you showed how you can get by without the specialized tools too.

  • Tobi

    My girls made these super fun Easter cupcakes! They had so much fun decorating them and making them their own creation!
    Thank you Heather for the fun family activity!

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